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Heyyy~ Welcome to my profile and thanks for coming ^^ I live in Singapore which is technically half the world away from many of you so while you read this, i'll probably be sleeping!

I won't give away my real name here but you can call me Catnine or just Cat!

Well, i don't really have many things to say here so i hope you enjoy my gallery :heart:

Pls follow me on tumblr if you have one! i can't say that i'll post a lot of art but my ASK is always open and i'm always active on tumblr so feel free to ask me anything ^^
I've been thinking about my commissions and wondering at the types of prices i should charge. So i'm just gonna show here a few samples of my work as potential examples for any future commissions and i'd like you guys to tell me what price (in points) you think i should charge. (BTW please just ignore the quality. some of it is old art. these are just an example of what you can expect).

What i mean by this is how much you think my art is WORTH and NOT what you WANT (you could include that too, i guess). If you don't think you would ever commission me, you can state that here too! Maybe you really don't want to pay in points?

This whole thing is just a general survey to give me a gauge of what the people think and how they will react if i suddenly increase my prices etc etc. You guys are my customers after all, i need to know the demands! This whole list also works well as a future commission list (yay)

1: Sketches (for these i might say no to any human characters. If you insist, they might be chibi-form and always in full-body prices)
a) busts:
Commish: Taz by Nyankyuu
b) full body:
Commish: Good Cheer by NyankyuuCommish: Feral by NyankyuuCommish: Myuuzie by Nyankyuu

2: Full-colour and shading, Busts (these will always have a one coloured or duo-coloured bg)
a) Canine/ Pokemon:
 Commish: Prince Toku by Nyankyuu Flames of Kalos by Nyankyuu Furious by Nyankyuu
b) Humans (this will always be slightly more expensive than the pokemon/canine prices because of how difficult it is for me to draw them):
Flowers by Nyankyuu Spraypaint by Nyankyuu

3: Full-colour and simple shading (can be cell shaded or simple soft shading), full-body, no background (or transparent)
a) Canines/Pokemon:
 POKEDEXY DAY 8: AIR SLASH by NyankyuuCommish: Design by Nyankyuu
 b) Humans:
Theo by NyankyuuArchery by Nyankyuu My New Wallpaper by Nyankyuu (this last one is also an example of a Chibi-human)

4: Full colour, more complex shading (soft shading. cell-shading will always go under simple shading), full body/bust, no bg
a) canines/pokemon
Pressie: HAPPY BIRTHDAY by Nyankyuu #570 Zorua by Nyankyuu Archie by Nyankyuu
b) Humans:
*no example available*

5) Full colour, more complex shading (soft shading. cell-shading will always go under simple shading), full body with background
a) simple background:
Anniversary Comm by Nyankyuu Stars by Nyankyuu Underwater by Nyankyuu Gift Art: Mavi by Nyankyuu 
(the last one is semi-human. but i consider it as pokemon. if you have a chara like this and you're not sure if it would be considered "pokemon", just show me a ref and ask!)
b) complex background:
Commish: Serperior VS Scolipede by Nyankyuu Commish: Shika by Nyankyuu Commish: Mewtwo by Nyankyuu Gift Art: Aurora by Nyankyuu

6) Painterly (this one i am still debating about offering. These take me a crazy crazy amount of time, even the simple ones!!)
a) no background:

 Altaria by Nyankyuu Zynn, remastered by Nyankyuu
b) with background:
On the Way by Nyankyuu Where No One Goes by Nyankyuu

so... i really hope i get a few answers on this because i'm really curious! On a side note, as you offer me prices you think is appropriate, it would be useful if you do so in relation to the prices other people are charging! but if you have no knowledge then it's fine too!

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